Monday, December 22, 2008

Customer Retention Tip #1

Navigating the Happy Holiday Message

Clients often wonder the best way to wish their clients a happy holiday at this time of year. With the potential social, cultural, and religious potholes, it is all too easy to drive your customer relationship directly into a ditch by using the wrong words. In regards to the design of your holiday cards, we suggest winter scenes or earth pictures. Telcare suggests sticking to a few non-denominational words on these cards:

Happy Holidays
Peace on Earth
Happy New Year

When speaking to or emailing your customers in the final weeks of the year, once again, sticking to Happy Holidays and Happy New Year truly works best. You will never insult someone when wishing them a Happy New Year. Also, as your holiday client gift, if your company donates to a charity on behalf of your clients, Telcare suggests that the donations go to non-denominational charities such as food banks, hospice, animal shelters, etc. Why all the political correctness? Remember that it only takes one insulted customer to turn away at least nine potential customers from your company! So, Happy Holidays from Telcare, and to all a goodnight! Oops!

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