Monday, December 8, 2008

Survey Tip #1: Starting at the End

Building a New Customer Satisfaction Survey by Starting at the End

In my free guide, 7 Simple Steps to Successful Surveys, the first step tells you to start at the end. What I mean is that before you can start to build a survey, you need to first think about what you are going to do with the survey responses. Here are the three phases of data receipt you can expect during many survey projects, especially telephone surveys:

1. Individual negative response alerts received during the survey
2. Initial quick read summary at conclusion of survey
3. Final analysis and full reports

Each of these phases are equally important and deserve your full attention and care. Make a detailed plan to address how you will deal with each phase, and share that plan with the staff who will be involved in carrying it out. For the second and third phases, include in your plan reactions to both positive and negative data. Check out my free guide for detailed ideas.

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