Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Customer Retention Tip #2

“Love” Your Clients on Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day is five weeks away, and you may already be worrying about chocolates or flower selections for your loved ones. But when it comes to your clients, this is easy. Send your clients a hand-signed Happy Valentine’s Day card or letter telling them that you love the fact that they trust you and continue to be a customer. A little hokey? Yes. But will you get noticed? You bet. Customers stay with companies who work a little to retain them. This is a small amount of work/cost with a big WOW factor. By the way, Telcare can do all the work for you, including the hand-signing, for less cost than you can do it for yourself. Try it this year; you just might “love” the higher profit margins you get from keeping your existing customers.

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