Friday, August 6, 2010

Would you do business with you?

My Advice Before You Answer That – Ask Your Customers!

Obtaining continual feedback against a set of established criteria is vital if an organization is to retain its existing top clients, and seek to improve its standing and the quality of its service levels to them.

There are at least six benefits of regular feedback.
1. Feedback reveals your customer’s current and future plans.
2. Seeing your business from your customer’s point of view allows you to answer the question “would you do business with you?” – If not, why not?
3. Feedback allows you to tailor your service levels so that you enjoy maximum customer satisfaction at a minimum cost.
4. If you don’t ask you’ll never know how you are doing until it’s too late! Feedback is magnified by the ‘ice berg factor’ making it more critical than it originally appears.
5. Feedback can reveal what your competition are doing, helping you to be a consistently strong contender.
6. Gaining a reputation for wanting to hear feedback can actually make money for you.

How Often?
This will depend entirely on the importance of the account and revenue levels being achieved – or anticipated.

Assessing The Feedback You Receive:
If the feedback you have been receiving to-date has not been useful, ask yourself the following questions:
• Do I ask enough questions?
• Do I ask the right questions?
• Do I communicate effectively about why I am asking the questions?
• Do I ask the right people?
• Do I know how to use the data I collect?
• Am I organized to respond to the information?
• Do I value and trust the information I receive?

What Do You Do With The Results?
• Communicate findings upwards & sideways
• Act on vital issues
• Communicate remedial actions
• Confirm satisfactory resolution

-Excerpted from a Blog by Jonathan Farrington, Top Sales Associates, August 5, 2010.

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